My Etsy shop is now open!

Hi everyone! As you may remember, I was supposed to attend a fair in London where I could sell my stuff. I was having many ideas for the stand, I wanted to do even a raffle and I was very excited.

But guess what… The fair got cancelled! I have been looking (and I’m still looking) for other fairs but at this stage they obviously don’t have any availability, therefore I had to look for an alternative so you guys can have access to my postcards and notebooks created so far, should you please. For this reaso, I’ve just created an Etsy shop! I’m even more excited than before!! Have a look and let me know what you think. I’m adding the links in the images, just in case you want to get some of these items (there are postcards and notebooks). And remember, I have more with me (in Etsy there is only one item available), so if you live in London, I can hand them to you, so you avoid any shipping costs 😉 And by the way, I can do customised items for you, just contact me! 🙂

Hola a todos! Quizás recordáis que hace un tiempo comenté que iba a poner un puestecito en una feria de Londres para vender mis cosas. Tenía muchas ideas para el stand, incluso quería hacer un sorteo. Estaba muy ilusionada.

Pero adivinad… han cancelado la feria! Total, que he estado mirando otras opciones de ferias (aún sigo mirando) pero a estas alturas ya no quedan puestos libres, como comprenderéis. Así que he tenido que buscar una alternativa para que los que queráis, podáis comprar mis postales y cuadernos 100% handmade. Así que acabo de crear mi tienda en Etsy! Ahora estoy aún más ilusionada que antes!! Echadle un vistazo y decidme qué os parece. Añado a continuación imágenes de los productos en venta allí, con links directos a Etsy. Tengo más postales de esas mismas colecciones que no he subido a Etsy, porque allí sólo he subido un producto de cada. Así que si vives en Londres, te los puedo entregar en mano y así te ahorras los gastos de envío 😉 Ah, por cierto, admito encargos personalizados! 🙂

The Postcards – Las postales


Entire collection in paper – Colección entera en papel


Entire collection in fabric – Colección entera en tela

Surprise your beloved relatives and friends by sending them one of these gorgeous Vintage Christmas Cards. You can also adapt them to be the warmest way to give a gift card this Christmas. Or if you just love them so much, keep them for you and let them be part of your Christmas decoration by placing them over your fireplace or hang / place them with your other greeting cards.

I made these cards with plenty of details which make them unique, warm and cosy: fabric, gold embossed sentiments, gold embellishments, laces, buttons, ribbon and even the traditional bakers twine. Aged edges give them a vintage and warm look. The focal images which are made in fabric sewn by me (they are fluffy!) pop out from the background, giving them a sense of tri-dimensional cards. These cards will stand out from any other greeting card.

I got inspired by the Christmas colours and the Christmas most typical icons: the tree hangings, the stockings, the gingerbread man and the gifts, of course. I chose Christmas papers and patchwork fabrics in red/green/brown colours to get a traditional look as well as pages from old vintage books. They come with craft colour envelopes, so you can send them over the post.

I just made 6 postcards of each type, so this is a limited edition out of which I’ve already sold some. You can get the complete collection in Etsy or here by sending me an email (fabric collecion for £65, paper collection for £50), and you will get a small treat to help you wrapping your Christmas gifts and give them a handmade and vintage touch: Christmas tags and twine! Or you can get them separately, but for the full price of £15 each for the fabric ones or £12 each for the paper ones.

Individual cards in the paper collection sold separately – Tarjetas colección de papel vendidas individualmente

il_570xn-879208598_gczf  il_570xn-879176196_lmrk  il_570xn-879218176_hglj  il_570xn-879212600_nn2i  il_570xn-879204002_e83x

Individual cards in the fabric collection sold separately – Tarjetas colección de tela vendidas individualmente

il_570xn-879008743_ru5e  il_570xn-879003355_pnej  il_570xn-879255932_ox9a   il_570xn-879222734_2l8m  il_570xn-879231758_gkb1

The A5 Notebooks


A5 Notepads Vintage Industrial Style – Cuadernos A5 de estilo Vintage Industrial

Did you ever wanted to get a special place to draw or note down all your dreams, memories, trip adventures, stories or even a bucket/wish list? This is your notepad. I’ve handcrafted it for you, with care and created with that purpose in mind.

The front cover is hand stamped using industrial themed stamps, it has embossed details, to give a bit of a volume. The paper on the left is a Paris map, sewn on the borders, aged with vintage ink and applied to the surface with a matt finish varnish that gives it a suede look.

The back cover has also been stamped in the same way and washi tape featuring measuring tapes in orange and brown highlight the left and bottom edges. The scrapcosy logo is on the back.

The spine is sewn (not by me) and the interior of the notepad is blank (white pages, no stripes, nor squares), so you can either write or draw.

The outside of the pages have been also aged with ink, so the finish is more vintage style.

This will be the perfect present both for him or her.

As you can see, there are 3 notebooks available in my Etsy shop from this same Industrial Collection. Check them out and choose the one you like most.


The 3 A5 Notebooks available in Etsy – Los 3 cuadernos tamaño A5 que he subido a Etsy 

il_570xn-879100883_s7ay  il_570xn-879364418_2uj0  il_570xn-879275892_b9dz




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