Art Journal Vol 1

Or a collection of vintage pages for art journaling without ruining real books, by Raquel Burillo

A book full of vintage pages, meant to be cut to use in your projects or to be used as a base for your art journals. 220 pages (110 duplicated) of botanical dictionaries, music sheets and more.

Art Journal Vol 2

or a second collection of vintage pages for art journaling without ruining real books, by Raquel Burillo (Scrapcosy)

This book is triplicated (298 pages), and like Vol 1, it is meant to be cut out or used as a base for art journals. The themes in this book include store catalogues of haberdashery and stationary, accounting sheets in French calligraphy, ephemera and labels among others.

Vintage Colouring Book

A compilation of vintage illustrations in black and white for colouring (Vintage Notebooks and Planners)

Printed in cream paper with black ink in a A4 size format with matt cover. The book contains 89 pages and on each double spread there is at least one big vintage illustrations for you to colour. I’ve made it for my grandma who enjoys colouring books these days, so I thought it would be a good gift for her. I hope you also enjoy it. Feel free to not only use this book for colouring but also to trim pieces out, use it for art journaling or for other mixed media projects or collages. Just promise me you’ll had fun!

Vintage Notebook

Vintage Notebook – Cuaderno Vintage: Dotted pages with botanical illustrations and a final page with tags / Páginas punteadas con ilustraciones botánicas y una con etiquetas. 

A vintage notebook in a book format. With dotted pages from page 4 onwards, so it helps you writing straight. You will find 60 different black and white botanical vintage illustrations in the 130 pages that form the notebook. End bonus page with tags 28 big (4.6 x 2.5 cm) and 20 small (3.2 x 1.8cm). You can cut the tags and use them to create titles along the notebook or stick them on the side. Printed using black ink on cream book paper.
You can use it to write down Ideas, as a bullet journal, as a diary, to practice your handwriting, to do any sketches or drawings.

Agenda atemporal

Edición 2022-2023 de Raquel Burillo (@Scrapcosy

Agenda atemporal creativa, con páginas a puntitos separados medio centímetro a modo de cuadrícula. Impresa con tinta negra sobre páginas de libro de color crema (90gsm). Con pequeñas ilustraciones vintage en blanco y negro en cada semana. Al ser papel de libro, rotuladores como Tombow, plumas o puntafinas traspasarán el papel. Si quieres decorarla, usa pegatinas, rub-ons, transfers o tus propias ilustraciones hechas en otro papel, recortadas y pegadas con pegamento de barra. Puedes escribir en el papel con bolígrafo o lápiz y pintar las ilustraciones o añadir color con lápices de colores.Agenda sin fechas para que la empieces cuando quieras. Semana vista: 72 semanas, 6 semanas por mes, cada mes el mismo diseño semanal. Al cambiar de mes, hay cambio de diseño (5 diseños diferentes). La agenda cubre 12 meses

Undated Weekly Planner

2022-2023 edition by Raquel Burillo (@scrapcosy

An undated weekly planner covering 12 months. Dotted grid cream book pages (90gsm) with vintage black and white illustrations. Since these are book pages, markers like tombow or fountain pens and fineliners will ghost (the ink will be seen on the other side). Instead you can use ball pens, pencils and colour pencils to write / add colour, and stickers, rub-ons and transfers to decorate the planner.

Animals A-Z

Learn the alphabet with watercoloured animals

Learn the alphabet with watercoloured animals. A book that young learners will enjoy. These beautiful watercolured illustrations of 26 cute animals have been created by an AI upon the precise instructions given by Raquel. An experimental experience, edited with love and for a fun read. One page per animal and the animal name is written in capital letters

Animales A-Z

Animales de la A a la Z: Aprende el abecedario con animales a la acuarela

Aprende el abecedario con animales a la acuarela. Un libro para que disfruten los lectores más pequeños de la casa. Una página por animal y por letra con el nombre del animal escrito en mayúsculas, con letras bien grandes. Estas 27 ilustraciones han sido creadas por inteligencia artificial (IA) bajo mis precisas instrucciones. Una experiencia experimental editada con mucho cariño para que paséis un buen rato, tanto niños como mayores, antes de ir a dormir. Espero que lo disfrutéis mucho!

Animals A-Z

Animals de la A a la Z: Aprèn l’abecedari amb animals a l’aquarel·la

Aprèn l’abecedari amb animals a l’aquarel·la. Un llibre pels més petits lectors que espero gaudiran. Aquestes 26 il·lustracions han estat creades per intel·ligència artificial (IA) segons les instruccions precises donades per mi. Una experiència experimental, editada amb molt de carinyo per a que passeu una bona estona abans d’anar a dormir. Una pàgina per animal i cada animal està escrit amb lletra de pal, ben gran. Desitjo que us agradi!